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[icons] commissions

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Feb. 16th, 2016 | 12:55 am

Hey folks! I'm trying something new, so prepare yourselves for...
Icon Commissions!
What You Get:

Here are some samples! You get a 100x100 icon of your character, cropped, colored, and ready for all your expressive character's needs! You'll also get the uncropped version (usually around 500x500), in case you'd rather do the cropping yourself.

What You Pay:

Icons are $7 a pop, or get a set of three for $18! Payments are accepted through Paypal or Dreamwidth Points.
What Can You Do?

OCs both human and not, obscure characters, book characters, that sort of thing! I looooove drawing monsters and non-humans, especially. The only thing I'm not super comfortable drawing is smutty stuff. Sorry about that!
How to Order:

Either leave a comment below, PM this journal, or send me an e-mail at grimmhooke [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks a bunch for looking! ♥

And in case my style doesn't catch your fancy, here's a list of other fantastic icon artists. Please check them out!

Originally posted on my Dreamwidth at http://kwithay.dreamwidth.org/2683.html. ♥

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